About Makerspace Azerbaijan

Makerspace is a community owned and run workshop. The Maker community consists of a people with wide variety of interests and skill levels, from industry experts, enthusiastic engineers, programmers, scientists to people with passion to invent, create and realize their ideas.

In their collaborative workspace and friendly club they design and make cool projects, share ideas, conducts trainings, socialize and enjoy learning and teaching.  They all follow “Maker culture” – a culture that promotes learning-trough-doing and sharing your knowledge with others. DIY (Do-it-yourself) and homebrew projects has long been popular, but setting up a collaborative workspace is very new. It all started with Make Magazine in mid 2000s. During the last few years the idea of opening a makerspace spread around the world, and makers gathered together to open new maker and hackerspaces. Annual Maker Faires plays an important role on exhibiting your projects, sharing ideas and inspiring new makers.
Most Makerspaces are equipped with soldering stations, oscilloscopes, laser cutters, CNC machines, 3D printers, programmable microcontroller boards etc. and other tools greatly helps makers to realize their ideas.

The main purpose of this web-site is to create collaborative webmaker platform mainly for Azerbaijani makers to share their projects and build ideas. I really hope with your support this online platform will be more educative and fun place, and in the near future we can set up a pyhsical Makerspace in Baku and hold annual Maker Faires.